Sensitive adaptation

Adaptation process at BlueBerry Hill is carefully adjusted
to teach childs's individual needs

Adaptation process can be very challenging both for children and their parents. Supported by helpful surroundings the child needs to go through her or his first real separation. To avoid unnecessary traumas, the adaptation process at BlueBerry Hill is individually adjusted to each child´s needs. Our team provides emotional support to the child and is cooperating closely with the parents. Supported by the child´s responses they adapt the process "on the go" together.

The goal of the adaptation process is for the child to become detached from her or his parents, overcome negative emotions associated with detachment process, successfully enter a kindergarten environment and integrate into a group of children. 

Educational process

Our main goal is to support children in their discovery of new things, independence, self-confidence, mutual respect and respect for others. We implement ART & PLAY concept, which uniquely interconnects communication in English language, play and art within the educational process. Approaching the children individually we strive to uncover, support and develop each child´s talents and interests. We believe that in a loving, supportive and receiving environment children can learn and achieve results. We place importance on the current developmental needs of each child, experiential learning and inclusive climate of the environment.

We believe that in a loving, supportive and receiving environment
children can learn and achieve results.


Theme-based educational programme is created by using a project method. The curriculum develops children´s skills in three main areas: cognitive, motor-perceptual and social-emotional. These areas are developed under mathematics, English language, communication and elementary literacy, physical, fine art and music education, natural science, culture, society and health. We use a narrative way in teaching English. In an English speaking environment children naturally practice and expand their language knowledge and skills without being traumatized by directive and mandatory approach. Children from 4 years of age start learning the language by using Jolly Phonics programme.

We respect ´The National Educational Programme ISCED-0 – Pre-primary Education´ as well as the British pre-primary curriculum ´Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage´. Children go to different excursions (galleries, museums, exhibitions, theatres) where they learn new things. At BlueBerry Hill we also pay attention to pro-social behaviour by organizing programs and creative workshops for parents (Christmas, Mother´s Day, Father´s Day), birthday parties for our children and special days (Gardening Day, Bird Day, Pumpkin Day, Easter Bunny Hunt, Environmental Programme, Puppet Show in Kindergarten, etc.). Children can play with quality didactic toys and tools and various worksheets and exercise books are available to them.

Children go to trips (parks, forest, salt cave) and play outdoors on our two fully equipped playgrounds. In this way we take care of their healthy development, strengthen their physical skills and immune system.

Our kindergarten projects further include::

  • We are different
    Aim of this project is to support multicultural environment we live in, getting to know different countries, their cultures and traditions.
  • Big children help the little ones
    Aim of this project is to strengthen pro-social behaviour and to develop virtues such as empathy, respect and care for others.
  • Book is my friend
    Aim of this project is to support pre-reading skills and to build their relationship with books.
  • Butterfly garden
    Aim of this project is to actively observe the transformation of caterpillars to beautiful butterflies and then releasing them into wildlife.
  • Science week
    Aim of this project is to understand basic physical phenomena through the child´s own experience (experiment).

“Summer at BlueBerry Hill” is a set of interesting weekly topics full of adventures, motion and joy, naming just a few such as Indian Summer, Treasure Hunt, Travel around the World, Chem Lab, Water World, etc.


The classes are categorized by age and each class has elaborated its particular educational plans and specific goals for the needs of children in the class. However, as a part of various daily activities the age groups mix and cooperate to benefit the natural learning process of all children.

There are following classes in our kindergarten:


Cranberry Class

For two-year-old children – the goal of Cranberry Class is to support development of spontaneous play, speech, self-service, independence and facilitate mutual interactions and games. Also a successful adaptation and creating of a safe and emotionally stable environment for children.


Blackberry Class

For three-year-old children – the goal of Blackberry Class is to support development of spontaneous play, speech, self-service, independence and facilitate mutual interactions and games. Also a successful adaptation and creating of a safe and emotionally stable environment for children.


Raspberry Class

For four-year-old children – the goal is to support development of self-control in behaviour when dealing with conflicts in the group, strengthen nice relationships between children and create habits at school work.


Strawberry Class

Preschool Class for five and six-year-old children – the goal is to prepare children for school.

Pre-school programme

The education and learning process is set in such a way that the child has attained the level of knowledge, skills, abilities, and communication efficiency in English language that are necessary for studying at different types of schools, including international ones, at the end of pre-school attendance. For this reason we pay special attention to school preparation in Pre-school Class. In the Preschool Class we focus on development of pre-reader skills, elementary literacy, mathematical concepts and partial mental functions necessary for learning and widening of children´s knowledge. We also place special importance on supporting and development of abilities helpful to help the child handle school environment:

  • Ability to draw attention to particular activity, task, spend time solving and finishing it
  • Ability to comprehend a certain system and organization – “now we are doing something at the desk, now we are exercising, now it is time for free play, now I need to change my shoes, pack my things, etc.”
  • Ability to be aware of the necessity of mutual respect
  • Ability to submit to the teacher/group in order to gain good results
  • Ability to cooperate
  • Ability to delay handling of one´s current need
  • As a part of self-control and self-regulation the ability to handle more stressful situations, that may occur in school, with teacher´s support

We emphasize the importance of home environment in the process of preparing the child for school.
As a part of pre-school programme we invite parents to a workshop “Pre-schooler”.

If parents of pre-school children request, we offer an orientative school readiness test, provide a report, individual consultation and recommendations for the right school choice.

Clubs and sport activities

As a part of BlueBerry Hill´s Art and Play philosophy and to make the educational programme more interesting we offer afternoon clubs and sport activities.

Afternoon clubs

Clubs are available to children throughout the school year. They start from October and run once a week for 30 minutes without extra fees.

Art Club

„It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.“

Children learn about various fine art techniques and materials. They get to know different masterpieces by famous artists and create beautiful art pieces themselves. They develop their imagination and through art they learn about the world.

Drama Club

„Theatre is a remarkable recording of a moment. It does not leave a trail anywhere – only in the heart and in the soul.“
Ladislav Mrkvička 

Drama Club is a place for mini-theatre – children practice acting, enter into play rolling, try to be directors and invent their first creative actor´s etudes. Theatre develops their communication and pro-social skills, strengthens their ability to cooperate and uses social learning.

Music Club

„Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.“
Ludwig van Beethoven

Music Club is led by Mrs. Kristína Šestáková, a certified instructor of a special American programme Kindermusik. It is a systematic programme presented to children in a playful way. Children sing songs, play special musical instruments, learn to work with sounds and rhythm by using movement and thus develop their first music skills and musicality.

Dance Club

„Dance is the hidden language of the soul.“
Martha Graham

Dance Club offers children a chance to develop their motor skills, dexterity and coordination of movements, orientation in space, balance, visual and audio perception. It helps to improve their sense for aesthetics; stimulates rhythm and promotes physical talent.

Sport activities

We believe that exercise is the cornerstone of learning process and is essential for childhood experience. Spitzer says that every lesson associated with motor action and experience is far more effective than when a child looks at the learning content through a television or tablet.

Good motor experience of a toddler and pre-school age child is the basis for more difficult schoolchildren´s skills. If the gross motor skills, movement coordination, perception of body image, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination are not being properly developed at a certain age, we can say with certainty that the child will have more difficulty moving, but also, for example, with writing in the future. Speech is also directly dependent on the concurrency of muscle groups needed for articulation and those of the good condition of gross motor. Also speech is directly dependent on the cooperation of the muscle groups needed for articulation and those are dependent on the good condition of gross motor skills.

Education programme at BlueBerry Hill is enriched with various exercise activities. For children under 4 years of age exercise is a part of their stay in the kindergarten. For children older than 4 we offer swimming and ice-skating courses included in monthly fee, and gymnastics course for extra fee.