Loving your child means helping him/ her
to separate from you and enable him/ her to become
an individual, self-reliant in his/ her independence,
behaviour and thinking.

Marcel Rufo


Consulting at BlueBerry Hill is based on non-prescriptive and humane approach.
We perceive each child to be in its biopsychosocial unity and we address them with respect
and empathy. It is not our goal to offer ready-made manuals to parents on how to raise
their children, but to find solutions and uncover hidden reserves in the parent-child relationship and support this precious interaction between them.

Inclusion and Early intervention


Following the philosophy of inclusion we support children with developmental weaknesses and learning difficulties directly in the educational process. They can be fully valued members of their children´s group participating in activities; they can enjoy, be happy, develop and learn.

Early intervention

For children who require more individual approach, with delayed, compromised or unbalanced development we offer the service of early intervention (for extra fee, in Slovak or English). The goal of early intervention is individually support the child in therapy with a specialist from fields such as motorics, graphomotorics, drawing, eye and ear perception, attention, phonemic awareness, communication and speech, self-service, regulation of behaviour and emotions. We use methodics and therapeutic-pedagogy based therapies such as art therapy, psychomotor therapy and play therapy. The procedures are “tailor-made” for each child in need. We do not stimulate or develop just one separate function or skill but we consider the child´s entire personality as one entity.

Regular reporting

For parents we elaborate detailed reports on their child´s development that we present to them twice a year at individual parent meetings and short monthly reports about kindergarten´s life with a photo collage.

Individual consulting

The goal of individual parent consultations (in Slovak and English) is to:

  • answer any questions,
  • facilitate more challenging development periods (the “no” stage, hyperactivity, naughtiness, new sibling arrival, parent´s divorce, etc.),
  • advice parents on the best practices and approaches to choose for their children, how to develop their children in harmony with their personality,
  • how to recognize their talents, support their strengths, or direct them to best school choice,
  • in cooperation with parents influence the children and prevent more serious problems


We organize several workshopos for our parents:

Already without mum

The workshop focuses on the child´s enrolment to kindergarten and her or his adaptation in the group of other children and new environment.

How are activities connected to brain and IQ development in children

The workshop focuses on brain development studies and researches and how it interconnects with external activities. It talks about the fact that only in action and meaningful activity nerve connections are formed and thus the brain activity can develop correctly. It recommends particular games and activities for brain development.

How to be a firm, yet emphatic parent

It focuses on educational principles at home environment, explaining the importance of boundaries, routines and rituals with pre-school children for their further life.

The year before school

The focus is on children entering school in the following school year. It explains how to work with children at home and what activities and practices are suitable and beneficial for this age group. Parents also learn about the methodology we use with pre-school children in the educational process to prepare them for various types of schools.

Siblings or only child

It explains how order in sibling group can influence children´s personality, how to approach each sibling and what to be aware of. It also talks about home education of an only child.

Working with experts

BlueBerry Hill has established cooperation with a clinical psychologist, therapeutic pedagogue and speech therapist. When necessary, we work closely with specialists from other fields.