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What is BlueBerry Hill

The philosophy of BlueBerry Hill kindergarten
is built on these three main pillars:

  • Implementation of ART & PLAY concept, in the educational process interconnects communication in English language, play and art. ART&PLAY is based on the idea that art and play are natural languages for children because drawing, dancing, moving and theatre are activities that are close to the child´s world. There are no boundaries between these activities and the child. Children accept them intuitively and naturally – when painting, drawing, dancing, playing or singing the child´s entire Self is living for that moment. The child´s concentration is optimal and allows receiving new information through intensive learning.
  • Kind and receiving relationships relationships help the child to grow and develop. Such a relationship enables the teacher to get to know the child better, uncover her or his talents and strengths but also discover any weak points, which they can work on. Individual approach allows the teaching process to be adjusted to benefit each child so they can individually progress in their own development. We come to the children at where they are to get them where they need to be.
  • We have established open dialogue with parents to help them recognize their children in a way that supports their education and care respecting their personality and spontaneity.

Words from the Director

Words from the Director

Dear parents,

put away your worries, tasks, deadlines, mobiles and go play. Spend time with your children, sit down to join them in their play. In play children are themselves, developing their skills, discovering, observing and testing the world around them. Watch them. Talk with them and listen. Be with them. Make effort to see the situations through their eyes. You can do it only when you are with them. It is the only way how to get to know your children, empathically understand their world and satisfy their needs. It is called a mindful presence and all children need it.

High quality in private environment

BlueBerry Hill is a private English kindergarten
founded in 2011. Quality pre-primary education in English language
is our priority.

Preparing the pre-schoolers to enter various types of schools, including international. Yet not forgetting the upbringing and taking good care of the children.

ll these areas are fully represented and complemented within our educational process where they “meet in the word” EDUCARE. 

We are a small private facility with family atmosphere. We have established open dialogue with parents to help them recognize their children in a way that supports their education and care respecting their personality and spontaneity.

Day Programme

BlueBerry Hill kindergarten is open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
Educational activities are planned usually just after 9:00 a.m., the children should be in the kindergarten before that.

Our kindergarten is also open during summer holidays. The goal of “Summer at BlueBerry Hill” is to spend nice time with the children during summer and make their time in the kindergarten as interesting as possible through various themes and topics.

Click here to view Day Programme.

Healthy meals

Daily and weekly meal plans cover all nutritional needs of pre-school age children and menus are set up according to latest scientific knowledge about children´s nutrition.

Expert supervision guarantees correctly balanced weekly menus for children. Food sources are seasonal, local and verified by the provider as high quality. Our kindergarten pays special attention to nutritional education of the teachers as they help children build healthy eating habits. 

Daily meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, snack, clean water/tea/fresh, fruits and vegetables.

Our team

Our teachers have university degrees and excellent knowledge of English language. They are carefully selected. Our pedagogical team is constantly improving their skills and knowledge from the fields connected with children´s development to use them in their practise in the most effective way.


For every parent it is important to know what environment is their little precious one going to enter. We were also looking for a nice and encouraging place, not just a “posh baby-sitting”, and ideally where they speak English. We were very lucky to find a small kindergarten with individual approach to children where teachers have enough time for children, dealing with their petty problems and developing their skills in a playful way.

We, the parents, learned a lot about children, child´s psychology and development thanks to Mrs. Director who spent time with us when we felt the need, or when she wanted to share her knowledge with us.

The service and clubs and activities have always been rich in offer. The kids went ice-skating, swimming, they learned to create and dance. Our daughter was always happy to go to the kindergarten, and we could count with a 100% care while we were at work.

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Vladimíra Tomašek Paulisová

Because of the consideration and love from the kindergarten stuff, I could trust to sent all three of my children to BlueBerry Hill. They learned warm heart and love before learning English there.

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Shanon Chung

Our son attended BlueBerry Hill for four years. During that time we had repeatedly asked ourselves whether it was a good choice and whether our son was happy there, etc. Well, we were dealing with questions all loving parents ask when they want the best for their child. And, we always came to the same conclusion.

Choosing BlueBerry Hill had been the best choice. Before enrolling in this kindergarten, we´d visited probably all private kindergartens in Bratislava with similar approach and with English as communication language. The only kindergarten where we met with individual approach already during the enrolling process was BlueBerry Hill. It was also the only place where they didn´t ask “And which parents are you?” when we called in after our initial visit. We were looking for individual approach, understanding and human touch, something like a “second family” for our son. We found it at BlueBerry Hill, and Mrs. Director had become something like “second mom”. Mostly thanks to her it really was the best choice. The whole four years our son went to BlueBerry Hill with a happy smile on, looking forward to every day he´d spent there. Even now, when he is at first grade at school, he asks whether he could go back to kindergarten.

We recommend BlueBerry Hill to all parents who want the best for their children.

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Lenka Hulmanová

Our daughter Alisa went to Blueberry Hill from 3 and a half to 5 and a half years old from where she easily got accepted into an English International School and quickly caught up with the curriculum. We remember Blueberry with warmth and love, our daughter always asks to visit her kindergarten after school if there is an opportunity. All the time that Alisa stayed in the kindergarten we were calm from the first minute in the morning until the moment when we had to take our daughter home (it was often not easy to do so since the children do not want to leave.)

In the kindergarten there are small groups, truly individual approach to the child, a complete and natural immersion into the english-speaking community. Teachers and the principal of the kindergarten create a friendly atmosphere for both children and parents, everyone quickly becomes like family, which is also very pleasant.

In September, our youngest daughter will go to the Blueberry Hill to the youngest group, we are looking forward to returning to our favourite kindergarten! Thank you for the work you are doing and the way you do it.

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Victoria Moysa